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3 reasons why I will require an investment for meet & greet calls

This was tough! Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, mainly rising costs, inflation, and sustainability, 30-minute Meet and Greet calls will no longer be free.

Effective Monday, March 13, 2023, Meet & Greet calls will require a reasonable $30 investment. The $30 investment will be used towards future services if scheduled within 30 days of the initial Meet & Greet call.

I understand this may be a shock to some prospective clients and others.

Since I started On the Other Side LLC, I have not required an investment for a 30-minute Meet & Greet call.

During that time, I have given away many hours of my time and exerted a substantial amount of energy meeting with prospective clients who may or may not have been serious about getting support. Honestly, it was obvious that some prospective clients had scheduled a call with no intention of ever retaining the services of any cancer coach or health coach.

I have even had other business owners pose as someone looking to learn more about my services and support, only to push their products and services! This is even after taking the time and energy to complete a questionnaire about something as serious as cancer!

The free call offer is becoming unsustainable. Even though the calls are not supposed to be an actual support sessions, people leave the call with valuable information and direction. I have the feedback to prove it! Also, people tend to actually do something with things they have to invest in. They fully show up, commit, and act!

Several entrepreneurs and business owners have shared with me that they developed resentment because they were undercharging for their services and products. In an effort to prevent resentment from creeping in, this change is needed! I believe it will not only benefit me but also the people who are genuinely interested in obtaining the services and support of a serious, knowledgeable, and dedicated cancer doula with proven results.

Below are the key reasons why I have decided to attach an investment to my 30-minute Meet & Greet calls:

1. My calls are a learning tool and valuable resource, not a pressured sales pitch.

2. I am very serious about understanding your situation and challenges. Prospective clients have the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge. As well as express their emotions about what is going on in their lives.

3. I want to ensure you are serious about your health, open to making changes and learning, and holding yourself accountable. My services and support are not transactional. I am right there with my clients going through their journey with them for as long as they need me. That means we form a meaningful relationship.

I would like to end with this particularly important reminder.

I do not give advice. I do not tell individuals what they should or shouldn't do.

I provide credible information and facts while helping them think through their options. Ensuring they are better informed to make the best decisions for themselves. In addition to providing a safe and supportive environment, resources, and objectivity.

Stay tuned…I am sure there will be more changes down the road.

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