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If You're Ready to Get Personalized Support and Guidance on Your Cancer Journey, Let's Talk!






  • Identify the biggest challenges and barriers that you are facing and causing you to feel overwhelmed.

  • Explore your "WHOLE PERSON" needs (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually).

  • Figure out your first steps.

  • Determine if we are a good fit to work together.

Your Meet & Greet call is the first step toward becoming the gatekeeper of your overall health and quality of life.

Phone or Zoom video calls are available for your convenience. Click the button below to schedule a time that works for you. If you can't find something that works, contact me so I can help. 
I look forward to connecting and speaking with you soon! 

Here's what we will do together:



"I just want to express how grateful I am that we were matched.

It is amazing what a good influence you have on my actions.

After our last session:

1. I started to make very detailed notes about my symptoms and my needs before visiting the doctor's office.

2. Regular breaks and time to relax and rest are my new priority. The assistant started her duties last week. It is a huge help and I have more time to relax.

3. I will have an additional PET scan to check if the new chemo scheme works based on my symptoms.

4. On the last chemo infusion day, I had very clear communication with the doctor and got the proper protection. Finally NO VOMITING !!!!! :)

All is good and works well for me and the treatment. So happy to talk to you." - Mentee

"I was pre-mastectomy when I first got introduced to Talaya. I was a mess trying to put pieces together before I even knew what to do, trying to make decisions before I really had enough knowledge to forge ahead with confidence. I needed help with my lack of self-worth, self-confidence, and purpose in life. I didn't feel like I belonged on this planet. After working with Talaya I am more confident, it shows and it attracts people. I have achieved a feeling of self-worth. As far as cancer, I feel like it was almost an obstacle I had to overcome in order to get where I am now. It takes a person who wants to forge ahead, but if that person wants to, this Doula (Talaya), can help you get to those places and provide you the ear, the research, suggestions, answers, and advice." - A.H., Client

“I have successfully completed my three weeks of radiation therapy, and I am pleased to report that everything went smoothly. Thanks to your unwavering support and guidance, I was able to undergo the treatments without any fear or anxiety. As of now, everything seems to be going well. I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for helping me prepare for this experience. Thank you so much!” – A.B., Client & Breast Cancer Thriver

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