What the Heck is a Cancer Doula?

Key Points:

  • You will learn what I do as a Cancer Doula and whom I support.

  • The difference between a cancer doula and other doulas.

  • How to get in touch with me.

How to be More Grateful

Key Points:

  • Things are not as bad as they seem.

  • Reflect on three good things that happened during your day.

  • Create a grateful jar.

When They Don't Show Up When You Have Cancer

Key Points:

  • It's not your fault.

  • How to cope with disappointment.

  • Clearly communicate your needs to the people that do show up.

4 Keys to Self-Advocacy & Getting the Care That You Want (even if you don't feel like an expert)

Key Points:

  • Download your self-advocacy tip sheet.

  • It is important to advocate for yourself.

  • Self-advocacy can impact your outcome.

The Benefits of Eating Watermelon

Key Points:

  • Dry mouth is a side effect of chemotherapy.

  • Watermelon helps to relieve dry mouth.

  •  Watermelon is ~90% water and provides electrolytes, such as potassium.

Cancer's Impact on Your Body Image
Key Points:

  • Many people with cancer feel self-conscious about changes to their appearance & bodies.

  • Remember...your body is only one part of who you are as a whole person.

  • Recognize your strengths beyond your physical appearance!

Asking for Help 💛

Key Points:

  • Receiving a cancer diagnosis is the time to ask for help.

  • Asking for help is a sign of strength.

  • I cover five ways to ask for help.

It's the Little Things💛

Key Points:

  • Many people do not know how to support their loved ones that are diagnosed with cancer.

  • The things that we take for granted each day are actually what matters.

  • Being present is a form of support. Be a force of presence!

Don't Put off Cancer Screenings

Key Points:

  • Putting off critical cancer screenings puts you at greater risk.

  • Delayed screenings and treatments can lead to worse outcomes.

The Doula & The Dancer Webinar

Key Points:

  • Cancer support is available from diagnosis to survivorship.

  • We talked about how a Cancer Doula brings comfort, reassurance, experience, and information. We also talked about how to get your JoyBoots back on after treatment so you can live your best life forward.

  • Emotional fallout is one of the least addressed side effects of cancer.

Life Changing Interview

Key Points:

  • On the Other Side provides cancer support services with a patient centered and holistic approach.

  • Some benefits are feeling heard and supported, not feeling alone, helps to build confidence, and having someone to talk to who has experienced cancer that can provide guidance and education.