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What the Heck is a Cancer Doula?

Key Points:

  • You will learn what I do as a Cancer Doula and whom I support.

  • The difference between a cancer doula and other doulas.

  • How to get in touch with me.

How to be More Grateful

Key Points:

  • Things are not as bad as they seem.

  • Reflect on three good things that happened during your day.

  • Create a grateful jar.

When They Don't Show Up When You Have Cancer

Key Points:

  • It's not your fault.

  • How to cope with disappointment.

  • Clearly communicate your needs to the people that do show up.

4 Keys to Self-Advocacy & Getting the Care That You Want (even if you don't feel like an expert)

Key Points:

  • Download your self-advocacy tip sheet.

  • It is important to advocate for yourself.

  • Self-advocacy can impact your outcome.

The Benefits of Eating Watermelon

Key Points:

  • Dry mouth is a side effect of chemotherapy.

  • Watermelon helps to relieve dry mouth.

  •  Watermelon is ~90% water and provides electrolytes, such as potassium.

Cancer's Impact on Your Body Image
Key Points:

  • Many people with cancer feel self-conscious about changes to their appearance & bodies.

  • Remember...your body is only one part of who you are as a whole person.

  • Recognize your strengths beyond your physical appearance!

Asking for Help 💛

Key Points:

  • Receiving a cancer diagnosis is the time to ask for help.

  • Asking for help is a sign of strength.

  • I cover five ways to ask for help.

It's the Little Things💛

Key Points:

  • Many people do not know how to support their loved ones that are diagnosed with cancer.

  • The things that we take for granted each day are actually what matters.

  • Being present is a form of support. Be a force of presence!

Don't Put off Cancer Screenings

Key Points:

  • Putting off critical cancer screenings puts you at greater risk.

  • Delayed screenings and treatments can lead to worse outcomes.

The Doula & The Dancer Webinar

Key Points:

  • Cancer support is available from diagnosis to survivorship.

  • We talked about how a Cancer Doula brings comfort, reassurance, experience, and information. We also talked about how to get your JoyBoots back on after treatment so you can live your best life forward.

  • Emotional fallout is one of the least addressed side effects of cancer.

Life Changing Interview

Key Points:

  • On the Other Side provides cancer support services with a patient-centered and holistic approach.

  • Some benefits are feeling heard and supported, not feeling alone, helps to build confidence, and having someone to talk to who has experienced cancer that can provide guidance and education.

Birthday Gift, Everyday is a Gift!

Key Points:

  • Look for the blessings in what can seem to be the worst time of your life.

Heart 2 Heart ❤️ With Saima | Afterlife of a Cancer Survivor

Key Points:

  • Self-advocacy is so important! Don't be afraid to speak up and go the extra mile for yourself.

  • You are the EXPERT on you!

  • If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't!

I have the honor to have my story featured in the groundbreaking book, I Survived Cancer And Here Is How I Did It

Key Points:

  • There are second chances!

  • A cancer diagnosis doesn't mean it is the end. There is life after cancer! 

  • You are not alone! Lean on our stories for hope and inspiration.

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