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I will no longer be hosting monthly virtual get-togethers. Please watch the replays of past get-togethers to get helpful information and resources.

I have transitioned to hosting the Navigating Cancer TOGETHER podcast!


Please be sure to listen, like, subscribe, support, and share my new podcast.


I interview guests from all walks of life who have been impacted by cancer (previvor, patient, survivor/thriver, caregiver) and are passionate about sharing their patient, thriver, and caregiver experiences to help listeners gain hope, connection, and helpful information to navigate the journey. Wellness champions and specialists promoting holistic approaches to care are also welcome.


Get unfiltered truth and honest conversations about the hidden struggles no one talks about, including the emotional rollercoaster and the quiet victories of a cancer journey. Each episode contains powerful information to help you navigate cancer a little easier, feel hopeful, and be better informed.

You can find it on many podcast apps.

Past Events

Topic: Preparing for the End of Life

There are many things in life that we all must face, but the interesting thing is no one talks about those things often or openly. We don't have a manual or a set of instructions on how to do those things.  

One of those "things" is death or dying.

Leanne will discuss why you should prepare for the end of life and the benefits of having the help of an end-of-life doula. She will also talk about overcoming the fears surrounding death.

Guest Speaker: Leanne Nolan, End of Life Doula, Yoga Instructor, Plant Medicine Advocate

Topic: 4 Things You Need to Know About Physical Activity & A Cancer Diagnosis

Clare will discuss the barriers to physical activity after a cancer diagnosis, how cancer and treatment can change a person's body, how physical activity affects cancer, and how to start physical activity after a cancer diagnosis. Plus, you don't want to miss the exercise demonstrations! Join us to get some tips that can help to keep you moving! 

Guest Speaker: Clare Poulose, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Survival 2 Strength

Topic: Cancer: The Fight of My Life, But The Future Is Looking Bright

Kelly U'Ren Moody will walk us through some changes that she noticed in 2008 before her oral cancer diagnosis in 2014. She will share details of her struggles with treatments, surgeries, and being told that she only has so much time to live! She will explain what it is like hearing, "you are going to die", to picking up the pieces and figuring out what is next.

Guest Speaker: Kelly U'Ren Moody, Holistic Health Coach & Cancer Survivor, Face It, Head On

Topic: A Story of Pediatric Cancer

The cancer journey for an adult is heartbreaking and watching a child endure it is truly devastating. Especially for a parent! Jenny Olson will walk us through the story of her son's life from the beginning of his life all the way through the treatment phase of cancer. She will touch on life after cancer and what that looks like now for her son and their family.


Guest Speaker: Jenny Olson, Advocate & Motivational Speaker

Topic: How to Use Essential Oils in Your Daily Life and on Your Wellness Journey

Essential oils are amazing tools that can be utilized to improve emotional and physical well-being. Sammi will review what essential oils are, how to use them safely, and how they can support you through your journey.

Guest Speaker: Sami Boerner, NAHA Certified Aromatherapist and Health and Lifestyle Coach, Sage Mind and Body

Topic: With the End In Mind - The Value of Advanced Care Planning

At some point in our lives, we will face transitions that may fill us with grief. End-of-life conversations can be challenging for many of us. Some of us avoid it altogether, which can leave us unprepared for death. Maureen will teach us how to thoughtfully plan for the transitions that will follow – long before the grief and trauma arrive.

Guest Speaker: Maureen Kures, Certified Facilitator, Radiant Mourning

Light the Night Survivor Photo October 13, 2019

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Light the Night Survivor Photo October 14, 2018

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