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Navigating Your Cancer Journey 


Get Your FREE "I Have Been Diagnosed with Cancer! Now What?" 10 Step Guide 
A cancer diagnosis can send you in a tailspin and leave you wondering, "Now what?"! Get a helpful 10 step guide that provides some answers! 
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Are you feeling afraid because your life is about to change and you don't know what is coming at you? 
Are you feeling overwhelmed because you don't know how to manage all the emotions you are feeling and the information that has been dumped on you? 
If you want a partner and expert navigator who will walk with you and save you time, effort, and energy so that you can focus on healing...
Then let's talk!

What the heck is a cancer doula?
Think of me as your personal patient advocate and educator.

As an 11-year cancer thriver, I use my experience to serve as a partner and expert navigator by helping my clients navigate their cancer journey and ensure they are not overwhelmed, crippled by fear, discouraged, and alone.

My support and guidance allow my clients to focus on healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, creating a better outcome and quality of life that they desire.


Who is this for?


You have recently received a cancer diagnosis OR have started treatment.

  • Newly Diagnosed: The first days and weeks after receiving a cancer diagnosis can be hard!


  • Your goal is to navigate the new, confusing world that you are living in and make sense out of ALL the information that has been dumped on you so that you can make informed and educated decisions about your next steps. 

  • In Treatment: You have worked through the shock and you made a decision about your treatment plan, but it's hard to keep up with all of the constant changes, side effects, emotions, the health care system, managing family, work, finances, resources, etc.


  • You're ready for a game plan so that you can reduce some of the stress and focus on healing and you know you need an experienced partner to help you get there.

If you are ready to go from overwhelmed to empowered, then let's talk!

The 4 Main Areas Where I Support & Help My Clients

  • Health - Create and maintain a healthy mindset, diet, exercise, and alternative therapies important to boosting and maintaining your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Emotional support - Navigate your cancer and wellness journey, remind you to celebrate key milestones, and identify coping mechanisms for the strenuous uphill climbs​, leading to improved mental health outcomes.

  • Treatment options and clinical trials - Research and gather information specific to your needs so that you can consider them, talk to your health care team, and make informed decisions.

  • Communication - Coaching on how to improve communication with doctors, which helps you to feel more confident and have a better understanding of your treatment plan.