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From Ovarian cancer to finding her birth mother

Nadean Stone

Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Legal Management Consultant, Author, Advocate for Children & Adoptees

During this week's episode of Navigating Cancer TOGETHER, Nadean Stone, a cancer thriver and advocate for children and adoptees, shares her incredible journey of searching for her birth mother, her journey with ovarian cancer, and her resilience in the face of adversity.

Nadeans's Journey

Nadean's search for her birth mother was driven by her desire to know her history and ancestry. However, as she had never been legally adopted, accessing her original birth records was denied to her. Despite facing numerous obstacles, Nadean persevered and turned to DNA testing as her last hope. Through the help of a volunteer search angel and the support of her growing network of cousins, Nadean finally found her birth mother.

Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

In 1981, Nadean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a time when very little information and resources were available. She underwent surgery and treatment, enduring the physical and emotional toll it took on her. Nadean emphasizes the importance of regular check-ups and gynecological exams for women, as ovarian cancer is often referred to as the "silent killer" due to its lack of symptoms until the disease has progressed.

It is important to note that a pap test DOES NOT check for ovarian cancer. The Pap test screens for cervical cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2 tests used most often (in addition to a complete pelvic exam) to screen for ovarian cancer are transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS) and the CA-125 blood test. Read "What Should I Know About Screening?" on the CDC website to learn more about ovarian cancer screenings.

"I wish I would have realized sooner that life is never perfect, but one can experience perfectly wonderful moments." - Nadean Stone

Nadean Stone is the author of No Stone Unturned A Remarkable Journey to Identity. She is also an ovarian cancer survivor and advocate for children and adoptees.

No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey to Identity

Nadean's memoir, "No Stone Unturned A Remarkable Journey to Identity," chronicles her extraordinary life story. From being orphaned at birth to experiencing a glamorous life on a Caribbean island, facing cancer, and fighting for custody of her son, Nadean's story is filled with drama, pain, and triumph. The book has received rave reviews, with readers praising Nadean's courage and resilience.

From Memoir to TV Series

Nadean is currently exploring the transformation of her memoir into a TV series. Her story contains so many dramatic events and subplots! With elements of real-life drama, romance, politics, and more, Nadean's story is perfect for a TV series format.

Inspiring Others

Throughout her journey, Nadean has learned valuable lessons and offers advice to others facing challenges. She encourages women to surround themselves with a supportive network of family and friends, to have faith, and to never give up on their dreams. Nadean's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the possibility of finding hope and happiness even in the face of adversity.

Listen to the full episode to hear Nadean read excerpts from her book. Click on the episode in the SmartPlayer below. You can also listen on Amazon Music or your favorite podcast app.

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