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What's in a Word? Further Proof that Language Matters

The survey results are in! Thank you to everyone that participated! 🙏🏽

It is very clear that words matter. 💬

Especially, words that speak empowerment when referring to cancer. No one wants to be thought of as a victim! No one wants to be identified by cancer! It is about the person and not cancer. Many people are very uncomfortable when it comes to talking about cancer and talking to people with cancer. Why do we make it so hard and awkward? I think a lot of it has to do with the vicious cycle of stigma.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, words did not hold weight when compared to the actions of those around me. When you are not sure what to say, just show up! Show them that they are loved, they are needed, and that you care! ❤️

Stigma breeds silence, which fuels the fear and ignorance that feeds the stigma.

What are your thoughts on these findings? 🤔

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