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The Transformative Power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Edna Ness

Co-Owner of In Light Hyperbarics, Caregiver, Complementary Therapy Provider

Caitlin Wilson

Co-Owner of In Light Hyperbarics, Complementary Therapy Provider

In a recent episode of Navigating Cancer TOGETHER, I interviewed Edna Ness, co-owner of In Light Hyperbarics, a leading hyperbaric oxygen clinic in Vancouver, Washington. Edna shared her personal experience as a caregiver for her husband, who overcame stage 4 tongue and throat cancer. This life-changing journey led Edna to dedicate herself to providing accessible and effective healthcare solutions, particularly through the transformative power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In this blog post, we will explore the key takeaways from the episode and shed light on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for cancer patients and survivors.

The Importance of Hope and Quality of Life

Throughout the interview, Edna emphasized the significance of hope in her husband's cancer recovery journey. Despite facing a dire prognosis, maintaining a positive outlook and instilling hope played a crucial role in his survival. Additionally, Edna recognized the importance of prioritizing quality of life during and after cancer treatment. This is key! By incorporating hyperbaric oxygen therapy into her husband's recovery plan, she aimed to enhance his well-being, prevent cancer recurrence, and promote healing.

Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing oxygen under pressure inside a chamber. This process allows oxygen to dissolve into the body's fluids, reaching areas that may be inflamed or damaged and lacking oxygen. For cancer patients, especially those who have undergone radiation and chemotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help repair damaged blood vessels, tissues, and organs. By increasing oxygen levels and creating a healthier internal environment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy supports energy levels, accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, and aids in recovery.

The Impact of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Edna shared her personal experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, highlighting its positive impact on her husband's recovery. By undergoing daily treatments, her husband experienced improved quality of life, reduced pain and inflammation, and enhanced healing. Remarkably, he lived another 10 years without a cancer recurrence, defying the odds for someone with stage 4 cancer. Edna attributes much of his success to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, along with other complementary approaches such as light therapy, a good diet, and maintaining a positive mindset.

"I just wanna let everyone know that my husband lived another 10 years without ever having a reoccurrence of cancer, which is a big deal when you have had stage four cancer." - Edna Ness

Caitlin Wilson and Edna Ness, owners of In Light Hyperbarics

In Light Hyperbarics: A Healing Center

Edna and her business partner, Caitlin Wilson, co-founded In Light Hyperbarics, a healing center that offers a range of modalities to support healing and well-being. The center provides a welcoming and comfortable environment, designed to make clients feel at home. With six hyperbaric chambers, light therapy beds, infrared saunas, and other therapeutic options, In Light Hyperbarics aims to reduce inflammation, speed up healing, and promote overall health. The center also offers memberships and the option to purchase or rent hyperbaric chambers for home use.

Becoming a Client

In Light Hyperbarics welcomes new clients from all over the United States. To get started, individuals can schedule a consultation either in person, via Zoom, or over the phone. The center's knowledgeable staff, including certified technicians, will guide clients through the process, ensuring their safety and providing medical clearance when necessary. In Light Hyperbarics also offers training and support for clients who choose to have a hyperbaric chamber in their own homes.

Looking Towards the Future

Edna's vision for the future of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to make it more mainstream and accessible. She hopes to inspire others with a passion for natural health to establish similar healing centers in their communities. By gaining recognition and acceptance from the medical community, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can become a standard part of cancer recovery and overall wellness.

The podcast episode featuring Edna Ness and her journey with hyperbaric oxygen therapy sheds light on the transformative power of this treatment for cancer patients and survivors. Through hope, dedication, and a commitment to quality of life, Edna and her husband defied the odds and experienced remarkable results. In Light Hyperbarics continues to provide accessible and effective healthcare solutions, offering a range of modalities to support healing and well-being. With the potential to enhance recovery, reduce inflammation, and promote overall health, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a valuable tool when facing cancer and recovering from it.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Edna's experience caring for her husband and how she and Caitlin are enhancing the well-bing of their community. Check it out by clicking the episode in the SmartPlayer below, on Amazon Music, or on your favorite podcast app.

Read the transcript here.


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