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Holistic Cardiology and Cancer Care

Dr. Jack Wolfson, Cardiologist, Natural Heart Doctor, Functional Medicine Doctor, Author

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another insightful blog post from the Navigating Cancer TOGETHER podcast. In the most recent episode, host, Talaya Dendy had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Jack Wolfson. Dr. Wolfson is a board-certified cardiologist, best-selling author, and America’s number-one Natural Heart Doctor. With over 20 years of experience, he has transformed the health of more than a million patients through his Scottsdale, Arizona practice.


In this episode, they dive deep into Dr. Wolfson's journey, his holistic approach to cardiology, and how medical freedom shapes healthcare choices.


From Conventional to Natural Cardiology


Dr. Wolfson was inspired to become a cardiologist by his father, a conventional cardiologist. However, his father's struggle with a neurologic illness and Dr. Wolfson’s meeting with a chiropractor who would later become his wife led him to rethink traditional medical practices. This personal transformation steered him towards natural and holistic methods, replacing pharmaceutical-driven care with lifestyle changes focused on eating well, living well, and thinking well.


The Power of Holistic Health


Dr. Wolfson highlighted how various aspects of one's lifestyle contribute to overall health. He shared anecdotes and case studies illustrating how a holistic approach can prevent and reverse chronic diseases, including cardiovascular conditions and cancer. He emphasized the importance of addressing root causes rather than merely treating symptoms.


"Unlike conventional approaches, holistic medicine empowers patients with education and support, fostering long-term health and resilience." - Dr. Jack Wolfson


Dr. Jack Wolfson, Cardiologist, Functional Medicine Doctor, Natural Heart Doctor

Community and Support in Health Recovery


A key aspect of Dr. Wolfson’s practice is the community and support system provided to his patients. This collective environment promotes accountability and sustained lifestyle changes, which are crucial for successful health outcomes. The episode also touched on the limitations of the traditional 15-minute doctor visit, underscoring the need for more comprehensive patient engagement.


Medical Freedom and Patient Advocacy


One of the episode's highlights was the discussion on medical freedom. Dr. Wolfson emphasized the importance of patients having the autonomy to choose their treatments without coercion. He also advocated for transparency and the right to informed consent, stressing that medical decisions should be based on thorough understanding and trust between patient and physician.


Cardiac Screening for Cancer Survivors


The conversation explored the intersection of cardiology and oncology, particularly how cancer treatments like chemotherapy can impact heart health. Dr. Wolfson offered insights on recommended cardiac screenings for cancer survivors and how to mitigate potential adverse effects through holistic care.


Combatting Misinformation and Empowering Patients


Dr. Wolfson addressed the influence of pharmaceutical companies on traditional medicine, calling for greater awareness and critical thinking among patients. He encouraged listeners to seek multiple opinions and research exhaustively before making medical decisions.



Final Words of Wisdom


Dr. Wolfson wrapped up the conversation with a hopeful message:


“There's beauty and happiness in the empowerment of being awake and aware. Spend more time outside, embrace holistic lifestyles, and foster community support. These steps are essential for a healthy, fulfilling life.”


Learn More and Connect with Dr. Wolfson


For those interested in learning more about Dr. Wolfson’s approach and resources, visit and get a free copy of his book The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health at


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