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From Wall Street To Wellness: Simon Lüthi's Transformational Cancer Story

Simon Lüthi, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Survivor/Thriver, Rocket Shaman, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Author, Podcaster

In the latest episode of Navigating Cancer TOGETHER, I welcomed an interesting and special guest, Simon Lüthi, also known as The Rocket Shaman. Simon shared his inspiring journey from overcoming a mystery illness and cancer to seeking wisdom from Q'ero Shamans in Peru and a Yupik medicine woman in Alaska. Through his experiences, Simon has developed a unique approach to wellness that merges ancient wisdom with modern science. His journey from the desks of Wall Street to the world of alternative medicine showcases his transformation and dedication to holistic healing.

Simon's Cancer Journey and Healing Modalities

Simon's journey with cancer began in 2015 with an autoimmune illness, leading to a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis in 2020. Through his experiences, Simon discovered the power of alternative medicine, positive affirmations, and energy healing. He developed Applied Neuro-Cellular Therapy, a modality that combines modern technology with ancient wisdom to promote healing. Simon's approach emphasizes the importance of mindset and positive affirmations in the healing process.

The Role of End-of-Life Doulas in Wellness

In addition to his work in healing, Simon is also a certified end-of-life doula. He highlighted the importance of end-of-life doulas in providing support and guidance to individuals and families during the transition from life to death. End-of-life doulas offer a range of services, from practical assistance with paperwork and funeral planning to emotional support and energy clearing for a peaceful transition. Simon's work as an end-of-life doula reflects his commitment to holistic wellness and compassionate care.

"I can heal myself. So can you!" - Simon Lüthi

Simon Luthi is the Rocket Shaman. He is also an alternative medicine practitioner, author, end of life doula, and cancer survivor/thriver,

Positive Affirmations and Mindset in Healing

Throughout the episode, Simon emphasized the power of positive affirmations and mindset in the healing process. He shared his personal journey of self-discovery and the importance of taking control of one's health and well-being. By shifting from a mindset of "why is this happening to me" to "why is this happening for me," individuals can empower themselves to navigate challenges with resilience and transformation. Simon's message of self-empowerment and positive thinking resonates with listeners seeking holistic approaches to healing and wellness.

As we navigate through life's challenges, it is essential to remember the power of positive affirmations and the impact they can have on our well-being. Simon's journey and experiences serve as a reminder that our mindset and beliefs play a significant role in our healing process. By embracing positivity, practicing self-love, and exploring alternative healing modalities, we can empower ourselves to face any obstacles that come our way. Let's take inspiration from Simon's story and strive to cultivate a mindset of resilience, hope, and self-empowerment in our own lives. Together, we can navigate through cancer and other challenges with strength and grace.

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