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The Holistic journey to overcome advanced cancer

Gorges Cordoba

Stage IV Malignant Melanoma with Metastasis to the Brain Survivor, Holistic Transformational Health Coach, Funtional Nutritionist & Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist

During this week's episode of Navigating Cancer TOGETHER, I interview Georges Cordoba, a stage IV melanoma survivor who chose the natural holistic route to heal himself. Georges shared his inspiring story of overcoming cancer and finding his purpose in helping others transform their health and vitality.

The Diagnosis and Treatment

Georges discovered he had melanoma after noticing an itching sensation on his scalp. After a series of tests and surgeries, he was diagnosed with stage four melanoma with metastasis in the brain. Georges underwent traditional cancer treatments, including surgeries and chemotherapy, but the side effects took a toll on his body. Determined to find a different path, he decided to explore natural and holistic approaches to healing.

The Pivotal Moment

After experiencing the side effects of traditional treatment, Georges reached a pivotal moment in his journey. He decided to take control of his health and explore alternative methods. Through prayer, meditation, and faith, he found a naturopath who guided him towards a holistic approach to healing. This marked the beginning of his transformational journey.

The Holistic Approach

Georges emphasizes the importance of understanding that healing happens from the inside out. He learned about the power of a balanced pH in the body and the impact of emotional clutter on overall health. By adopting a balanced diet, practicing mindfulness, and addressing emotional issues, Georges was able to create an environment in his body that was inhospitable to cancer growth.

"I'm going to beat the odds. I'm going to be the first family member that survives this disease." - Georges Cordoba

Georges Cordoba is a stage four melanoma cancer survivor.

Advice for Those Considering Alternative Treatment

Georges advises individuals considering alternative treatment to trust their intuition and have faith in their body's ability to heal. He encourages them to seek a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of their well-being, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Georges also emphasizes the importance of working with a healthcare team and maintaining open communication with traditional medical professionals.

Georges' Work as a Holistic Transformational Coach

As a holistic transformational coach, Georges works with individuals facing cancer or the threat of recurrence. His target audience includes mothers or fathers with young children dealing with cancer. Through his coaching, Georges helps his clients transform their health and vitality by focusing on the four aspects of their being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. He offers personalized guidance, habit change strategies, and support to help his clients achieve holistic balance.

Finding Georges and His Work

Georges can be found on his website,, where individuals can schedule a discovery session to explore working with him. He also offers an online coaching program for those who may not be able to afford one-on-one coaching. Be sure to download your FREE gift, A Balanaced pH and Your Health ebook. Georges' book, "Beating the Odds: The Holistic Journey to Conquer Advanced Cancer," is available on Amazon and provides further insights into his journey and holistic approach to healing.

Georges Cordoba's story is a testament to the power of holistic healing and the importance of addressing the root causes of disease. Through his own experience, he has become a source of inspiration and guidance for others facing cancer. By embracing a balanced approach to health and well-being, individuals can empower themselves to navigate their own cancer journeys and transform their lives.

Tune in to hear more about Georges' inspiring story and gain valuable insights on navigating cancer. Click the episode in the SmartPlayer below, on Amazon Music, or on your favorite podcast app.


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