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on the other side is leaving social media...sort of

During my social media sabbatical last month, I had time to check in and re-evaluate some things. After a lot of reflection, I have decided to part ways with some of the social media platforms. Effective March 31, 2023, On the Other Side LLC, will no longer be on Facebook and Instagram. Although I may leave the pages up for a while.

While I love connecting with you all on social media and sharing hope, information, and inspiration, it is time to invest my time and energy in other areas. One is continuing to foster personal connections. There is nothing like 1-on-1, heartfelt connections and conversations!

I decided to leave those platforms for a variety of personal and professional reasons. The main reason is it feels heavy, and I no longer enjoy it. I am tired of the feeds that divide people more than they bring them together, having those platforms decide who sees the information I have to share, wasting time scrolling, and simply giving my power, personal information, and ideas to those platforms.

Even though it's just Facebook and Instagram for now, there may be more platforms to bite the dust at a later time. Leaving social media is something I have done in the past and have again considered doing for some time now. I got the message from my spirit and intuition that it was time to exit.

As an online business owner and entrepreneur, leaving social media is nerve-wracking because we have been told it is the only way we can create awareness, get our work out in front of millions of people, thrive, and be successful. Guess what? I believed it! However, in the past few months and even the past year, I discovered that social media doesn't work in my favor. I am not talking about a popular topic. I am not selling a dream, beauty, makeup, food, etc. I am talking about a tough reality that many people have had to face or will have to face someday.

Organic social media isn't what it used to be for businesses unless you want to waste hours following the ever-changing and unfavorable "rules". Those hours can be used to form genuine relationships that don't end when you are M.I.A. for a few days or you decide to deactivate your accounts.

I can't forget to mention the dangers of social media hacking. According to, 85% of Instagram accounts and 25% of Facebook accounts were compromised, with 70% of victims being locked out and 71% having their friends contacted by the hackers.

My goal is to leverage my email list to continue to connect with the On the Other Side community. At the moment, On the Other Side plans to stay on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, as productive places for us to connect and share.

I invite you to join my community mailing list to stay in touch about new offerings, resources, credible information, inspiration, connection, and more!

Please note after March 31, 2023, I will not be sharing social media posts, stories, or reels, making or replying to comments, or responding to messages on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for engaging with On the Other Side! Looking forward to connecting with you via the other platforms mentioned above. Also, don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to have a conversation.

Let's keep Navigating Cancer TOGETHER!


Talaya, BCPA

The Cancer Doula


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