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You Have IT!

Hearing the words "you have cancer" changes your life at that very moment. It's like everything stops, and you see nothing but your life flash before your eyes, and you hear nothing but those words echoing and getting louder.

During the Talking with Talaya - You Have IT podcast episode, I relive the moment when I heard those words. I walk you through the steps I took after receiving the traumatic news.

If you prefer, you can listen on YouTube or find the Navigating Cancer TOGETHER podcast on your favorite podcast player.

Yes, there are levels to it! Many levels!

I share my story because I have experienced a lot and learned a lot when it comes to being a cancer patient and now a thriver on the other side of cancer. I am learning more each day!

Sharing my story also helps people going through something similar know they are NOT a rare alien and the only person experiencing certain things that come along with cancer.

There are still many stigmas out there about cancer and people diagnosed with cancer. They are simply not true.

What is true is that your feelings are valid.

I pray that you or a loved one never have to hear those words. However, people are being diagnosed with cancer more often now and at younger ages. I recently heard about a girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 13!

For these reasons alone, it helps to have some idea of what one can expect.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was completely blindsided. I did not know much about cancer other than the images shown on television, the recycled and false stigmas, and the fact that I NEVER wanted it to enter my body or life.

I don't want you or a loved one to start from ground zero if you happen to hear those words. There will be enough firsts and new starts. There will be enough information to process and appointments to go to.

I have created a visual that can serve as a supplement to the podcast episode, and it can be used as a roadmap when you receive traumatic or shocking news.

I hope that you find it helpful!

Let's keep Navigating Cancer TOGETHER!



The Cancer Doula


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