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Friend or Loved One Diagnosed Cancer? 7 Easy and Effective Ways to Support Them

Are you struggling and having a tough time figuring out how to help or show up for your friend or loved after their cancer diagnosis?

Let me tell you how!

Focus on the seven key areas below.

Take it from me, as a former cancer patient myself, every bit helps!


Be a FORCE of PRESENCE, give a lot of hugs, help their caregiver, and follow through.


Instead of struggling with the right things to say, LISTEN. Hear your friend or loved one. Ask questions and support their feelings even if they are negative. Allow them to just be.


Spend time with them if they are feeling up to it. This may help remind them of good times and memories that you shared prior to their cancer diagnosis.

Make sure you call ahead or schedule visits.

Do not feel the need to force a conversation if your friend or loved one is not talking. They may not be in the talking mood but would love your company so they do not feel alone.

Get some fresh air together or take short walks and enjoy nature together, if possible.


Let them know they are important to you! Make sure you stay in touch with them.

It is ok to keep the calls short but make sure they are regular calls. No ghosting!


Try to do this regularly. Also, ask their caregiver if there are any errands that you can run for them while you are out.

Going grocery shopping, making meals, and picking up prescriptions, are just a few great ways to help.


Give them small, practical gifts they may need or enjoy, like hats, scarves, self-care items, funny movies, etc.

The Create A Peaceful Journey affirmation cards and Chemo Companion Activity Book are practical gifts that can be taken anywhere and utilized as pick-me-up tools for those tough days.

Most importantly, gift your friend or loved one with an egift card so they can experience one-on-one support with me. I am a Cancer Doula and a 10-year thriver. I use my experience to help others navigate the twists and turns that are sure to happen during one's cancer journey.

Visit my gift shop to learn more about these gift options.


Share helpful and credible information about resources, products, etc., that can help them in positive ways. For example, my podcast, Navigating Cancer TOGETHER is a fantastic way to hear the stories of others that have had to face cancer and how they did it.

My podcast can help your friend or loved one not feel alone and it is also a great way to learn about services that professionals in the health and wellness spaces provide in terms of complementary and integrative care.

Supporting your friend or loved one is especially important to their quality of life!

Cancer patients with strong emotional support tend to adjust better to the changes and stress that cancer can cause.

You CAN make a BIG difference!

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