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The Same, But Different

My cancer journey was not easy, and neither is anyone else’s! It does not start off beautiful, but it can transition from cocoon to butterfly if you are willing to accept it and work with it rather than fight against it.

I made the decision early on that I was DETERMINED to LIVE one way or another. Even though I did not know what one way or another would look like.

I remember shedding a tear before the nurse accessed my port to start my very first chemo infusion. It was like who I was in the past and who I was at that moment flashed before my eyes.

There was so much uncertainty ahead of me. I did not know who I would be when I completed treatment. Would I make it through treatment? Will I lose it all? How will I look? What will I be able to do on my own? So many questions!

I shed a tear because I knew that I was still me, but I did not know how I would be different. I felt like I was waving goodbye to myself and life as I knew it before cancer came into my life and chemo started.

Then reality set in that there was no looking back.

Cancer and treatment affected my vessel. My body is different in some ways, but the light within me did not dim. It illuminated, and over time so many things became clear! Instead of trying to dim it as I had in the past or use it to shine on others, I realized that I had to take the light within me and shine it on myself.

I realized that I was worthy. I realized that I had so many gifts to share. I could not be invisible if I wanted to live and live to help others.

The light within me got me to where I am today! Ten years later, I am the same, but I am different. I am no longer afraid to tell my story. I am no longer ashamed of what I have been through.

In life, we fall. Sometimes it is easy to get up, and other times you must take your time to get up. With cancer, I had to take my time. However, I got up because I refused to let my light dim.

I am the same, but different!

I need people to know and understand that many things will be different after a cancer diagnosis. However, that is NOT who you are. Do not let it steal your light!

Let’s talk about how to keep your light after a cancer diagnosis or how to turn on your light if it dimmed BEFORE a cancer diagnosis.

1. Remind yourself that you are not a victim.

2. Remind yourself that you did nothing wrong to get cancer.

3. Show up for yourself like never before! You are still here! Put yourself first during this time. You are the gatekeeper of your health and quality of life.

4. Don’t be blindsided by the weird, uncouth comments. Trust me, there will be some, and it has nothing to do with you!

5. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Ask for what you need and want.

6. Say yes less!

7. Practice gratitude.

8. Start the day by filling yourself up. Repeat your favorite affirmations, meditate, talk to yourself with love, hope, patience, and kindness.

9. Rest and recharge as needed. Eat as healthy as you can and take time to breathe. This helps to calm your body’s stress response.

10. Last but definitely not least, PRAY.

Tell me:

Which one speaks to you and why.

Tell me in the comments. I read every single one, and I’d love to know!

P.S. You don’t need to navigate cancer on your own. As a matter of fact, I don’t recommend it!

If you want personalized, 1:1 support, schedule a free 45-minute call today, and let’s talk about how we can work together to get you on the other side of cancer.


Talaya Dendy


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